NRM accuses Bobi of using Kibalama to ‘taint’ UPDF – Ekyooto Uganda

          The ruling National Resistance Movement party has this morning in a thread of tweets rubbished claims that the embattled former NURP leader, Moses Nkonge Kibalama has been in captivity manned by the UPDF. The NRM instead says Kibalama is being used by Bobi Wine to put the UPDF in disrepute.

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CDF David Muhoozi detained Kibalama in Mbale military facility
According to Monday morning tweets from the NRM, presidential hopeful, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine and Nkonge Kibalama are deliberately dragging the UPDF into the politics of this country, something which they say is against the 2005 UPDF act that bars the army from taking part in partisan politics. The NRM says Bobi deliberately enticed Kibalama into confronting the CDF, Gen. David Muhoozi and allegedly create a situation that his life is under danger and be granted security by the UPDF. “We don’t condone in the strongest possible terms, any attempt by a dodgy Kibalama and Kyagulanyi to drag UPDF into our politics,” NRM warns in a tweet.
The NRM also tweets, “It is unfortunate for one who seeks go he our next ‘commander in chief’ to conveniently and foolishly overlook this.”
“This is dangerous and should be rejected by all right thinking Ugandans,” the NRM adds in a tweet thread.
The warning comes barely a week after Kibalama during a Friday court cross examination vindicated the CDF, Gen. David Muhoozi to have abducted him and kept him under custody for a full fortnight. Kibalama’s confessions threw the military in turmoil and they are apparently struggling with PR to clean up the mess he created. Over the weekend, the UPDF spokesperson, Brig. Flavia Byekwaso came out and disregarded Kibalama’s comments and maintained that he is the one who sought for audience with the CDF.

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