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Busia Couples Find Happiness After Deal to Swap Wives

January 16, 2021, marked exactly one year after two husbands in  Busia County decided to swap spouses.Christopher Wabwire and Kevin Barasa who hail from Siroba and Namuchula villages in Matayos and Butula Constituencies respectively have since described the decision as to the best of their lives.The two switched wives after they had accused each other of having an eye for each other’s partner. Christopher Abwire and his wife Lilian Weta at their home in Siroba village, Busia County on January 16, 2021.YouTube In an interview with NTV on January 16, the Wabwires, Christopher and now wife Lilian Weta revealed that they had no regrets whatsoever since they made the switch.”According to life I was living, I looked old at that time, but if you look at me now, I look young. I live a good life,” Wabwire stated.”I live a good life, my children live well. I don’t have any problems,” Lilian stated.The couple further revealed that they are expecting a child, with Lilian due in a couple of months.Barasa and Immaculate Nekesa expressed their satisfaction with their new lives, with their swapped couple memories far behind them.”She took me as her husband, me as my wife What she does for me, the other could not,” Kevin Barasa stated.”Life is good, I have no problems whatsoever,” Nekesa confessed.The decision by Abwire and Barasa was informed by persistent rumours that they were having affairs with each other’s wives and sought to resolve the matter before local authorities.The couples, however, keep in touch since they need to see their children. Both mothers had to move with their children to the new homes as they were too young to part with them.Now, Barasa raises Abwire’s children and vice versa. The two couples have organised meetings to visit each other’s children.The couples shocked the community and the country at large last year when their estranged marriages were televised across the country.Lilian was forced to move in with Abwire after Nekesa moved into her home and settled with Barasa, chasing her away from her home along with her children.Abwire took her in, as they were both dealing with losing their better half, a move Barasa endorsed, then stating that he was finding love and peace in his new relationship.“Since this woman came here, I am at peace. I am no longer having sleepless nights as before. Everything I need she gives me,” Abwire had stated then.A year after the incident, the couples look more in love and raring to stand the tests of time. Kevin Barasa and his wife Immaculate Nekesa at their home in Namuchula village, Busia County on January 16, 2021.YouTube

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