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NCHE Accredits 18 More Programs at Gulu University

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The National Council For Higher Education (NCHE) has approved 18 more programs at Gulu University in addition to the former 38 programs to make 56 programs in total including Bachelors, Post Graduate Diplomas, Master and Doctorate of Philosophy. The additional programs will be included in the next academic year’s intake come April next year.

The new programs include Bachelors of Science in: Environmental Science and Natural Resource Management in the faculty of agriculture for 3 years, Bachelors of Applied Science (physical and biological) and Bachelors of Sports, Exercise and Health Science under the faculty of Science. Under the Institute of Peace and Strategic Studies, one program was added being Bachelor of International Relations and Security Studies.

Post graduate programs added include: post graduate diploma studies in community development, public administration and management and human resource management. Master programs added include:  master of monitoring and evaluation, arts in geography, development studies, arts in history, arts in geography and a master in education (curriculum studies and foundation of education).

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