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                            Dear Mr.Godrey Kiwanda,

I have learnt that in your capacity as the Nrm Party Vice Chairman in charge of Buganda, you were in Buikwe yesterday and used that opportunity to malign NUP and other oppposition parties and forces of change while praising the Junta-Nrm. I have read from one online news site that you erroneously alleged that ours unlike yours, is a very undemocratic political organisation since we opted not to employ elections for determining the party flag bearers.
Mr.Kiwanda I wish to remind you that your “NRM- Democracy” at the primary polls costed the Country six lives…..yet we,you call “undemocratic” haven’t had even one person slapping the other over party primaries. I also wonder whether at 35 years, Nrm after abolishing voting for party leaders and ring fencing the Chairmanship which is the only electable Office in the Party…. has a moral authority to question how leaders are appointed in another party. It is also an abursadity and immoral for a party that has been in existence since time memorial to compare it’s self to a party of two months?
Poor Kiwanda, you got undemocratically pushed out of the race for the Mityana North-MP flag-bearership….while unconsolably crying. It’s therefore laughable to put the word Democracy anywhere near NRM! Obviously, your utterances are only meant to draw us in a reverse psychological game….We shall therefore not be leave you to go unchallenged.
My research shows that vetting as opposed to voting…leading to a selection of members to carry the NUP flag in the next elections….Offers the promise of reinvigorating our democratically struggling parties. The selection made by resoanable members of society in a way have made the exercise more responsive to members needs and preferences, and less vulnerable to outside Nrm manipulations.
Tourism minister Kiwanda and socialite Zari Hassan.Mr.Kiwanda, you ought to know that democracy means more than just holding elections. Democracy is supposed to equip ordinary people to have a voice in shaping their communities, their environment, and the decisions that affect their everyday lives. Democracy is supposed also to give people good,competent and ligitimate leadership and any election that brings less than that can’t be called Democratic.
Further be informed that elections, even when free and competitive, don’t always mean that the country or political party is more democratic. There have been instances when they have been used to help ruling politicians stay in power as it had always happened with your Museveni and his Nrm.
Uganda ruling Junta learnt fast how to use elections to their advantage. Instead of weakening the Dictator’s grip on power, the elections actually make him stronger. Given this situation, and recent events, it’s clear that Museveni and his Nrm will never move us through a transition to democracy. I therefore wonder the brand of democracy you are talking about?
In all elections your Nrm has taken us through a false yet costly journey led by a weak electrol commission that can’t gather strength to declare the will of Ugandans. The supreme Court has on more than one occasion ruled that the Ugandan elections compromised all the tenets of a free and fair elections. I wonder whether you’re proud of supporting someone the court of law have saved from condemnation by introducing “substaility” in their judgement? Mr, Kiwanda, can any reasonable person be proud of your just concluded primary elections of lining in the back and corrupting voter openly?
With due respect, for example, I rather have the vetted and appointed member of the Buganda,Bunyoro,Toro Lukiiko than our Parliament as exemplified by the Nrm- MPs. The fact of the matter is that a vetted and appointed Kabaka,Omukama or Kyabazinga stands more ligitimate and Democratic than an ” elected’” Museveni.
It is settled matter that even in a Democratic society, some power need to be delegated to smaller groups. The electoral college of DP for example in Mukono Municipality had only 65 members but the flag bearer’s elections were more Democratic than yours that brought down masses. The executive branch and the courts and the acceptance of their decisions is the example of how few people can make Democratic decisions for a big community. The only thing we can talk about is how the people trusted with this job are doing it ?
Democrats discovered that democracy means more than just holding elections. “It’s being involved in between elections, throughout the whole policy process…from what should be worked on to what the policies are to how they’re funded, to whether or not the money reaches our communities”. So when NUP trusts a few members because the party is yet to open branches up to the village level…To carry out the vetting and appoint flag bearers… that doesn’t not total up to lesser Democracy.
Scholar Benard Reieter in his book, “The Crisis of Liberal Democracy and the Path Ahead: Alternatives to Political Representation and Capitalism,” explored the idea of the relationship of elections and democracy and concluded that the problem might actually be elections themselves.
“Simanyi oba byempandiika obitegeera mukulu naye Abayivu”Madison and fellow Founder Alexander Hamilton confirmed that elections like the one you hold in NRM and Uganda which are full of violence and bribery as the cause of MOB RULE and the leader coming out of such elections as just a GANGSTER. They argued that not all direct elections are a reflection of democracy and it was upon this that the indirect method of using state legislators and the Electoral Colleges, became part of the U.S. Constitution.
Hope you have benefited from my going to Nkozi as a mature student to study Democracy?
Bakireke Nambooze Betty
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