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Aganaga Denies Running Fake Hamza Ssebunya Page 

A few days ago, musician Rema Namakula confirmed her hubby hates social media. She said someone is running a pseudo account, claiming to be Hamza Sebunya.She posted, “Who ever is behind this chaotic stupid account, may thunder strike you dead. Not carefully that my husband is not on any social media platform and has no time for such drama”.Many social media users pointed fingers at dancehall artiste Kalifah Aganaga claiming he is behind the fake accounts.Speaking during an interview with a local station, BBS, Aganaga denied having any links with the account.The account is normally used to attack celebrities.Aganaga further explained that he has already been contacted by the police over the matter. He advised  Rema and Hamza to contact Uganda Communications communication(UCC) for the real person identify behind the account instead of wasting time on him.

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