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Luttamaguzi wants Bobi Wine as joint opposition candidate

Luttamaguzi wants Bobi Wine as joint opposition candidate
Nakaseke South MP Paulson Luttamaguzi says although he is still a member of Democratic Party, he supports Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine for presidency.
“I am still a member of DP, but I support Bobi Wine,” he said on Sunday while appearing on “NBS Face-Off” programme.
Luttamaguzi questioned DP President Norbert Mao’s funds.
” I am a member of DP who contributes monthly to the party. The money we contribute cannot fund the delegates conference he had in Gulu.”
He said former National Unity Platform owner Moses Kibalama is a frustrated man.
“We had from his Excellency Kyagulanyi that the man was on gunpoint to say what he said.”
Luttamaguzi said he can’t differentiate this government from Obote’s government.
“The state is scared of Bobi Wine that they call an underdog. They have resorted to kidnapping people like Amin and Obote did.”
“As a person that comes from the Luweero triangle, I apologize to this country.”
His grandparents and parents supported this government, thinking they would bring peace and democracy.
Luttamaguzi on his arrest, says: “they arrested me on the way to Nakaseke. They charged me for holding a rally that I didn’t attend. The charges were political.”
He said this country is becoming a mafia state.
“They can put on you charges that you don’t even know. You remember the charge against Besigye that he raped a woman?”
He said People Power is predominantly Baganda because it has started from Buganda.
It will eventually spread to other parts like NRA/NRM which was predominantly a Banyarwanda party.
They opened up to the other parts of the country after getting power, he noted.
“If Bobi Wine was weak and concentrated in Buganda, why would he be hunted down by the state?”
‘I am not shying away. I support Bobi Wine for president.”
He said the problems of Ugandans are not tribal.
” In my area, we have many Banyankole, and others. We all fetch from the same well cows drink from.”
According to him, people are supporting Bobi Wine because of the values he holds.
“Has Ofwono Opondo ever contested for any position in this country?”
He said people in Power are panicking because, for the last 35 years, they have done nothing for this country.
“These people have even stolen from the COVID19 contribution. If they can steal that, what else can’t they steal?”
Luttamaguzi on common candidate for opposition: “We are waiting for the smoke, when the smoke is out, we shall know that the cardinal of Magere has been chosen.”

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