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MP Nsereko's look alike accuses Pr Yiga of misleading him | Live Wire

Francis Ssenyonjo who recently came out to ask for a DNA test claiming that he was MP Muhammad Nsereko’s biological brother has accused Pastor Yiga of misleading him. Ssenyonjo says this following the release of DNA results which proved otherwise #AgafaEyo #SparkTvUganda

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  1. Iga musajja mubi nyo coz oyo omusajja i beleave him 100% , iga yagamba sister wange nga abana balwadde naye weyagendayo abana beyongela kulwala nw 5years bawuunga, iga oli musota (🐍)

  2. Even though Yiga is a fake guy, but you story was first aired on Ghetto TV, let me hope its Yiga who sent you there as well. Secondly Hon admitted that you had previously stormed his office for assistance.

  3. Enkitufu yiga akimanti abatubaji baze bamuwako obujulizi okubononela obulamubwabwe sembo yiga ojakisasulila kulunakulyo oywe komelelo esi togenda jikugulako biliji nakamu so vamusitani damukatonda

  4. But some of you blaming him for not wanting to work, its like you dint hear him say that he was found at his place of work. ekigambo ekyo kinnyiiza, most of our youths are in diaspora just looking for jobs ate nowulira oli mbu todays youths dont want to work, kati what do you really want them to do? that guys has even said at least atambuze engoye coz he is sick, the chapati fire will demolish his health, but still others are judging mbu tayagala kkola

  5. Banage dis small boy is lie Kati listen. Is fake story banage me saw dis guy in pastor church hawayiriza. He is looking for faver and money, i was imprisoned over dose fake stories mbu brother mp nseroko. Presenter don't west ur over dis lady young man

  6. The LORD GOD will remember you child of God. You were brainwashed like many other young men of ur age. Just give ur life to Christ Jesus he will restore you child of God.

  7. Naye omuvubuka gwe oli mugwagwa nyo…..nokiliza ne DNA mukufekinga abantu oli mubinyo lwaki tewagana…bwebakugamba nti gwamutoyi ngo'gwamu…..pblm is temwagala kola

  8. How comes u ve never made an interview on people coming back to Uganda and let the public to know how much they pay per day and to whom is all that money yet yo ever there, but u keep on telling the public mbu government has brought back Ugandans, check yo selves not every one is blind, we expect the best from u but yo disappointing the nation oba what happened in…………???????

  9. Omusaja Ono mubi 🤪🤪🤪mbwa mwe muyige okola wegana nenyoko nogamba nga bweyafa ebikorimo muribidawa ayasama seleko yagamba yari yalabada omule zi Ono nga tebinagenda WA yiga

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