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Internal Affairs Ministry Resumes Clearance of Foreign Students as Schools Reopen

        The Ministry of Internal Affairs has resumed issuing of students’ passes to International students after six months of school closure due to the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic.

This was revealed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs Spokesperson, Jacob Siminyu as he addressed the press at the media center on Monday September 28.
“Candidate classes will resume school, we have foreigners who study in Uganda and to study here, you need a student’s pass. The process was halted because schools were closed, but since schools have been authorized to partially reopen, international students are being catered for too,” he said.

In the same vein, Siminyu noted that tourists alike, will require visas while transit passengers will be required to prove that they have private transport means to take them wherever they are going.

“Transit passengers passing through Uganda will be required to indicate their place of destination and those who exit will also be allowed to go if they have clearance from the Ministry of Internal Affairs,” he said.

He added that, there won’t be need of confiscating and retaining passports from people who will be entering Uganda since they will be required to present their COVID-19 72 hours results at the boarders.
“People will be quarantining themselves at home so we will not be confiscating their passports anymore, once you present your results which show you are negative, then you can quarantine yourself at home,” he revealed.
Siminyu confirmed that boarders will be open effective October 1, as per the President’s directive and ease on the lockdown restrictions.

“I would like to remind you of what the President said. Borders will be open on October 1 for tourists and returning Ugandans. Business people will also follow the same procedure,” he said.

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