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Muzaata: “God will punish those brutalising the opposition”

Controversial cleric, Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte, has lashed out at government for it’s continuous brutalising of the opposition ahead of 2021 general election.Muzaata made the remarks during the burial of Sheikh Jamil Mbuga Kabangala, the Masaka main mosque imam who passed on over the weekend.Kabangala, an uncle to businessman Sulaiman Kabangala Mbuga (SK Mbuga), has been the imam for the Masaka main mosque since 2005.In his remarks, Muzaata asked those holding power to stop terrorising the opposition noting that they should reflect on some of the powerful men who had control over everything but God took them in a disgraceful way.“Those that Allah has given power, 35 years in power, we had good army but it is now rotten.You organised NRM primaries, people lined up without wearing masks but whenever you see those wearing red berets, you teargas them as if they don’t belong to this country,” he said.“I saw how Omar al-Bashir, the former president of Sudan was handled. He was grabbed and thrown in the pickup that used to transport goats from Sudan. I saw him being taken to court with a lot of disgrace. I saw him powerless, that’s how things can change” he added.He condemned the acts of violence that marred the recently concluded NRM primaries adding that such acts must stop before the general polls.Muzaata lambasted youth who use social media to abuse those with divergent views including some of the key people in this country noting that it is a sign of moral decay among young people.“This WhatsApp has been embraced by some stupid people especially those who don’t know what to do. We are very poor in mind and not creative. How can you edit the photo of President Museveni and caption it with abusive words. What kind of message are you conveying to the people?” he queried. 

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