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NUP cautions Museveni against intimidation

Following Friday’s court proceedings were the founding president of the National Unity Platform (NUP) Moses Kibalama Nkonge was cross examined, the NUP has cautioned President Yoweri Museveni against intimidating its members and using state machinery to disorganise the party.According to the National Unity Platform lawyer, Medard Lubega Ssegona, the Kibalama drama is being orchestrated by the state to disorganise them.Ssegona said: “Kibalama is a captive. You saw him pleading with court to help him regain his freedom. Whatever he said outside court was not on oath and it was administered by his captors. It can’t be trusted.”While appearing in court, Kibalama said that his major concern is that former leaders of the NURP-now turned NUP, were being sidelined by the new setup.Ssegona however told NBS TV that Kibalama is the chairperson of the elders forum in NUP and he is also their senior advisor.NUP also wants the army out of partisan politics especially the Chief of Defence Forces Gen David Muhoozi whom they believe that his involvement in the saga gives a lot to be desired.According to Ssegona, the participation of the army in the management of political parties that are opposed to government is regrettable.“That is how President Museveni has been destroying professionalism. That’s how he has been destroying professionalism. Every Ugandan must stand up and say no to this,” Ssegona said.FDC spokesperson, Ssemujju Nganda said character assassination and intimidation have been part of the set up for years and NUP should get ready for the worst.Ssemujju said: “I want to ask my colleagues at NUP, if they did not know that competing against President Museveni can make all sorts of scenes, they should know that it is just the start.”Ssemujju cited an example where their former party president Dr. Kizza Besigye in 2005 was nominated while in prison on charges of rape.“They said that he had raped his maid. Even when he left prison, he campaigned while attending court. I can only invite NUP to keep learning from him,” Ssemujju added. 

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