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We have Kibalama’s passport because he asked us to get him asylum in a safer country- Bobi Wine

National Unity Platform president Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine has confirmed being in possession of former party PresidentMoses Nkonge Kibalama’s passport, citing that he willingly gave it to him and the officials of NUP.Kibalama had earlier claimed that his passport had been confiscated by NUP officials led by Bobi and the Secretary General Lewis David Rubongoya.Now Bobi confirms the passport is in their possession but was never confiscated.“A few hours after court, Mr. Kibalama was yet again ordered by security operatives to address another press conference and retract some of the things he said in court. Journalists were hurriedly called to Mosa acourts, a place owned by Haj Moses Kigongo, the NRM National Vice Chairman. He contradicted himself even more and you could see that he was under immense pressure,” Bobi wrote.“He also mentioned how we confiscated his passport! How shameful! Well, after he was severely threatened and intimidated by the regime, he desperately reached out to us and requested us to help him secure asylum in a safer country,” he added.Bobi Wine claims that NUP requested for Kibalama’s passport and other documents to assist him.“We handed these to a human rights lawyer who has been handling his file. Since he now needs it, we shall accordingly give it back to him as soon as he comes for it and signs to acknowledge receipt of it,” Bobi said.
Kibalama contends that it is not true he is unsafe.“I am very free, here at home. I only requested for security because of certain things that happened, but I am free. Even after court, I went back home,” he said.

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